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Are you having some difficulties with your garage door at your Galveston home? Whether it’s new or has been in the family for several years, you can heavily rely on Grand Garage Door Repair to repair, replace, or install a new garage door without any hassle. Our company is the most trusted and reliable company when you want to have a garage door repair Galveston TX. Apart from the rigorous training undergone by our professional technicians, the company also makes it a point that they know the important garage door techniques to fully perform the job. We never let our professional technicians onto the field until they can perfectly do their jobs. In addition, we make sure that they are continually informed with the latest garage door training, information and knowledge so as to perform the job efficiently. We are a company which is locally owned and has the ability to serve every homeowner in the area. Our company can repair, service, and install all types and kinds of garage doors. From garage door springs, opener, and up to installing a new garage door, you name it and our company can do it. We have the top and most dependable team of garage door professionals who have every knowledge on the do’s and don’ts in handling each and every kind of garage door. No matter what components your garage doors are built, our professional technicians can do the job. The reason for this is that our professional technicians undergo rigorous training process before the company hires them. In this way, they will be able to conduct and perform the company’s standard in doing their jobs.

Why Is There A Need To Service Your Garage Doors in Galveston?

The primary answer to the question is that your garage doors need to be quiet, smooth, and safe to prevent any injury and damage. The only way to do this is to have regular garage door repair servicing from time to time. You should know by now that your garage doors are subject to wear and tear. Thus, it is important that you hire professionals to perform a garage door repair Galveston TX.

Although garage doors are considered as the largest moving part of your home, these fellas are frequently overlooked. Keep in mind that your garage doors also need some service from time to time, just like when you get someone to do a service on your car. Regular servicing can give the assurance that your openers, springs, and other tensioning parts are up and running. Your garage door parts should operate the same way as when it was newly bought. It will help prevent any potential issues with your opener and other parts of garage doors in the future.

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Our new installation service include a complete quality installation of a big range of premium garage doors and parts.


We work with all the different garage door brands and have the tools and products to ensure that your garage works properly.

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A professional garage door company like us can handle your garage door maintenance properly and your worries be gone.

Quality Guaranteed Garage Door Repair in Galveston, TX

Aside from the fact that our garage doors are built to last with the kind of reliability that you most probably can depend on, our company cannot overstate enough that our professionals are the best and can perform any repair, installation or other servicing of your garage doors Galveston. These are just some of the several tips and pieces of advice our company can provide you when it comes to managing, cleaning, and repairing your garage doors. Although you may perform your own fixing and replacement of garage doors, remember to seek advice from Grand Garage Door Repair professionals.  If you are having some issues with your garage doors  Galveston, never hesitate to contact us. You just have to make that call and our customer service operators will be right there to answer your call. We have the best professional technicians in the entire area of Galveston and we give priority to your concerns. Because of several years of offering garage door services, our company can give you a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

To keep your doors in good condition, it is advisable that you should hire a professional or perform a DIY servicing once every year. If you can make it twice a year, the better. Keep in mind that your garage door repairs should be performed by a qualified, highly- skilled, and experienced technician to avoid further damage to your doors.  Never attempt to conduct a garage door fixing on your own without acquiring any advice from the professionals. When you think that your doors are completely inoperative, it is recommended to contact your local garage door repair service provider.

How to Manage Your Garage Doors Galveston

Just like the skills of our professionals, we cannot overstate the fact that your doors need to be managed and maintained at all costs. Maintenance of your newly installed garage doors is a very crucial matter. It will ensure the reliable, quiet, and smooth operation of your doors. Likewise, it can even give you the assurance that your warranty remains to be valid since there are no problems as to its functionality. If you have doors which have colored or color bond finish, bear in mind that it is normally silicon pre-painted. It is then modified by a polyester formulation. Thus, it is highly recommended that you wash and clean your doors with a cloth and clean water twice a month. Also, you should perform frequent cleaning and washing on the industrial and salty areas of your doors. It is also noteworthy that you should never wash your openers if it’s automatic since it can lead to electrocution and can make your warranty void.

Apart from cleaning and washing, constant lubrication of your springs, openers, and track are also recommended. Try to lubricate your garage door parts every three months to avoid any rusting. Also, you should never forget to clean the internal parts of the guide tracks. You can use damp clothing with methylated spirits and mineral tarps. Keep in mind that you should never oil or grease your guide tracks since it will only accumulate in between the tracks and cause obstruction. During the cleaning process, always remember to never place your hands near the garage door moving parts to avoid any accidents, especially when you have an automated garage door.

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